Farmhouse Sink Collections

If you're looking for top quality sink products (double or single bowl) and accessories at a reasonable price to become a kitchen feature, you have come to the right place. Welcome to! We are an American managed company that specializes in farmhouse kitchen sinks, accessories, and kitchen sink designs that are prefect for food prep. Our company has been delivering top quality sinks to American homes for over 15 year. We look forward to working with on your kitchen design as your chosen new farm sink supplier. We sell sinks farmhouse apron front sinks and sink accessories for any size home (big and small) kitchen or laundry. Our sinks & farmhouse products are specially designed for all kitchen environments. We have the best sink products on the market made of only top quality materials guaranteed to last within the house hold environment for years to come.

What is a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks were invented back in the days when we didn't have running water so it is designed to hold a large amount of weight in a bowl. The first two farmhouse sinks were called the Belfast sink from Ireland and the London sink from Britain - you can get the best deals for Belfast and London sinks by exploring our farmhouse sink collection on our site no matter your design choice. is the newest addition to the OKAB Group - Online Kitchens and Bathrooms - that has been operating since 2004. We market top quality and classic style kitchen sink and other bathroom products at an affordable price. OKAB Group started in Australia in 2002 and expanded to other regions such as New Zealand, the US, and the UK. The Australian physical outlet of OKAB Group opened in 2015. Some of the companies within OKAB Group (all rights reserved) in Australia are,, and specializes in marketing different types of top quality farmhouse sink products. We have a vast selection of farmhouse kitchen sinks of different sizes, colors, designs, styles and prices. We provide top quality sinks for kitchens no matter what your budget is. Our kitchen sink products are made of durable material such as stainless steel, granite, stone and bamboo. We also sell stainless steel apron front sink in sleek modern design, different sink material (including the classic copper farmhouse sink) and classic colors. Our apron front sink comes in versatile designs that suit the interiors of your entire kitchen. There is also a variety of farmhouse sink colors to choose from to suit your home - you don't have to settle for the standard white color!

Why choose us? proudly presents our farmhouse sink collection that comes in a variety of sink sizes, colors, designs, and prices to make your kitchen look elegant and attractive. Whatever your kitchens sinks needs are we have the right fit for you. Our sinks are crafted using top quality materials to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness. We also offer free shipping nationwide and can ship your new sink set direct to you. We have partnered with fireclay factories to ensure the durability of our farmhouse sink products - our farmhouse fireclay sink is one of our top-selling products. Our kitchen sinks are manufactured using the fireclay construction method to recreate the vintage kitchen look with your choice of faucet holes. Our customer assistant is always available to assist you with your queries regarding farmhouse kitchen sinks and sink accessories. If your a home chef, our farmhouse sink collection includes barn sinks, country sinks, apron sinks, laundry sinks, and fireclay sinks. We also have a stunning collection of farmhouse kitchen sink tap ware and bathroom accessories to complement your chosen sink style and design.

Affordable prices

The price of our farmhouse sink is somewhere between 345$ to 2000$ depending on your choice. Check out our online catalogue to view our prices and get a clear description of each product.

Smart farmhouse kitchen sink design

Our farmhouse sink collections are designed to a specific standard to compliment your home and meet personal style. We can give you the look of vintage or contemporary kitchen.

Wide selection

At we have a wide selection of farmhouse sinks in different sizes, colors, styles, designs, and prices. We also provide accessories to complete your farmhouse apron sink.

Top quality sinks at a reasonable price

Our products (both single bowl and double bowl) are made from the finest quality materials to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness. Stainless steel and fireclay are amongst the most used materials for farmhouse sinks. Stainless steel is classy, durable, and cost-effective. nationwide delivery We offer free shipping delivery nationwide. You will get your newly purchased sink on time. Talk to us so we can arrange the free shipping. excellent customer service We have a team of customer service representatives who can assist you with your queries and concerns and to ensure that you got the best product to meets your needs.