Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink - Reverse to Fluted Pattern - 33 inch

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Renaissance 1861 Collection - Sandringham Double Bowl 33 inch  Fireclay Farmhouse Sink.

Manufactured in the U.K. from genuine fine fireclay, using slip cast techniques that date back to 1861. Sandringham is manufactured to ensure both design consistency and authenticity paying homage to the master potters techniques of last century that were crafted over a generation to ensure solid, hard wearing ceramic is formed into durable luxurious functional kitchen sinks, to be used and marvelled at.

The Renaissance Collection's "Sandringham" is reassuringly made the same way farmhouse sinks were in 1861, with the modern day addition of triple glazing adorning the final product fusing in time not only the form but the beauty, encasing within a triple glazed engobe finish.

Designed to be plain faced or reversible to fluted with two generous equal bowls, Sandringham has an overall measurement of 33 * 20 * 10, specifically designed to be generously large in both bowls yet functional with standard cabinet sizing.

Sandringham combines design authenticity with modern day glazing techniques to create a modern day farmhouse kitchen trusted essential.



to ensure the aesthetic beauty is matched with the long term durability associated with fireclay sinks


aesthetic lustre and depth of finish


and have been made for over 150 years.



Narrow double fluted design perfectly compliments this double offset fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink.

Measuring 33 x 18 x 10 the double offset bowl is perfect for allowing large bowl washing and wash rinse applications.

Complete with a 15 year warranty.