Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Are you looking for an affordable apron front farmer sink made of high-quality material? Are you on the lookout for farm sinks made of fireclay? If so... No matter your zip code is the place for you!

What is a Fireclay Farmhouse sink?

Fireclay sinks have been around for centuries, even before running water existed. Fireclay farmhouse sinks consist of a versatile design & base cabinet that is intended for washing dishes, performing simple cleaning techniques on large items and even bathing small children. Fireclay sinks (including the stainless steel collection) are one of the best selling products at

Fireclay farmhouse sinks come from a ceramic material that is carved and molded at an extreme temperature. The farmhouse sink is also commonly mistaken as a cast iron kitchen sink because of the similarity in appearance. It also comes in limited colors, such as white and off-white, making your house classy and more distinctive - check out the different collections today at and let us help you.

Why buy a sinks made from the material fireclay

· Durable products that are resistant to chips, scratches, rusts, and cracks

· Different size and configurations of any home

· Versatile design

· Free shipping

· Competitive pricing

· Large range

· Fantastic customer service

 At, we offer free shipping of our sinks nationwide and use a reliable courier service which will ensure delivery of your newly purchased farm sink set to your door. In some cases can deliver your newly purchased fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink the same day, depending...