Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Looking for top-quality copper sinks at an affordable rate?

We offer a wide variety of high-quality copper farm house sinks at an affordable rate.

Our copper farmhouse sink has a wide variety including:

Copper farmhouse sinks

Copper bathroom sinks

Copper kitchen sinks

Why Copper Sink?

Copper is one of the most chosen materials for sinks for a house. It is one of the oldest metals that are still popular and widely used today. In fact, it is a must-have when building or renovating homes and is also a recyclable resource.

So, why copper sink?

Easy to maintain

All you need is a cleaning agent with wax to clean this farmhouse sink. It is also resistant to stain, so, your kitchen sink will look clean, shiny and new all the time. Copper sinks are also thicker than the regular farmhouse sink, which means that it can contain dirt and can protect the adjacent walls from water, bacteria and germs.


Copper kitchen sinks are durable. It does not chip or break, which means that you don’t need to purchase a new sink for a long time. It is also thicker; and does not rust or stain, so you can put it to good use for a long time.

Timeless look

It has a natural brown colour which is pleasing to look at. It can boost the appearance of your kitchen by giving it a vintage and classic theme. You can also get a customized farmhouse kitchen sink design which easily fits on any part of your home.

Sinks with High Copper Quality

99% Copper and 1% Zinc

Our sinks are made of 99% copper and 1% zinc for strength and integrity. Copper sinks change due to weathering elements. It develops a pattina or oxidation when exposed to oxygen which darkens the copper sur...